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1995 ZAYER 20 KMU-6000 Bed Type Milling Machine

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ZAYER Bed Type Milling Machine
Model: 20 KMU-6000
Year of Mfg.: 1995


Machine Specifications

Table and Column DetailsMetricS.A.E.
Table Dimensions5700 x 1200 mm224.4 x 47.24 in
Table Load20,000 kg44,092.45 lbs
X-Axis Travel (Longitudinal)4406 mm173.46 in
Y-Axis Travel (Vertical)1502 mm59.13 in
Z-Axis Travel (Cross)1207 mm47.52 in
Working feed rate5,000 mm/min196.85 in/min
Longitudinal rapid feed rate10,000 mm/min393.7 in/min
Cross rapid feed rate15,000 mm/min590.55 in/min
Vertical rapid feed rate15,000 mm/min590.55 in/min
Positioning accuracy±0.01 mm / 4000 mm--
Repeatability accuracy±0.007 mm--
Spindle Motor22 kW29.5 hp
Spindle Speed35 - 3000 rpm--
Spindle TaperISO 50 / CAT-50--
Automatic Tool Changer30 Pockets--

Machine Dimensions


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